Octavic's New P.E.T.

Transforming production processes with real-time planning & monitoring.

How does P.E.T. work?

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Why use P.E.T.?


Holistic solutions through bespoke hardware & software

Holistic Solution


Super-simple and adaptable system

Cost Effective


Fast installation time and ongoing system development

Holistic Solution


Cost efficient

Cost Effective

About P.E.T

The Production Efficiency Tracker (PET) is a holistic system that helps you get insights of real-time production work processes. Its aim is to help you achieve your production targets faster and improve your production schedule.

PET provides advanced visual management solutions on the production floor. The system not only tracks the production processes, it also monitors all the detailed actions simply by annotating data.

  • Here's what PET offers in a nutshell:

    • holistic solutions through bespoke hardware and software
    • super-simple and adaptable system
    • fast installation time and ongoing system development
    • cost efficiency

PET can be implemented on any production line. It is easily adaptable to ANY industry and ANY factory's particular needs.

Developed in Romania and Denmark, in collaboration with the Research Center for IoT at the Danish Technical University